Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Moments miles apart.....

"I will never leave my city let it be for any reason...", though a boy sitting near the window in a class room packed with occupied students who were busy with their discussions, inquires, paperwork, and off course uttering non sense about plans to go abroad. "USA, UK and Australia are the only best options" said a guy with rusty hair quickly pushing the last piece of cake which he brought for lunch, "Its either USA or UK or else am reapplying till I get into one of the countries" cried the guy sitting next to him, "Australia does not have a significant desi population as compared to USA and UK" he quickly added before he could be questioned for his choice. Suddenly, a voice from the back took everybody by astonishment and disbelief, the reason being what they just heard, "UK and Australia is for losers, no other country can withstand the power of US $...mark my words friends, USA is the Choice", said one of the top scorers sitting on the desk busy reading some printout of reviews about some top ranked US universities, "I will make sure to call all you future Australian and English Citizens and share with you how awesome the life is in US and I promise I will not laugh hard when you share your miseries with me in the second choice countries","Will not laugh atleast till I hang up" continued the guy from the back. "Oh what a bullshit" was the combined reaction from the class except of the boy near the window because he really did not care whats going on in the class. He isolated himself in the crowd and his head was filled with thoughts about finding a good placement in the city itself.

The boy near the window continued to be lost deep in his thoughts, he was thinking about how time was moving fast and just weeks were left before the class would write their finals and get the piece of paper for which they have put in most youthful four years out of their lifetime. "Seriously speaking life wasn't so bad during the four years that passed " he thought. No matter how many issues everyone had back home it was a different world inside the college detached from the life outside, well was like that for at least most of them.It was the matter of scores, money and family to be settled and each of them had different concerns as some where asking to themselves "can I be away from my family and friends", while the rest were struck with "will I be able to get enough score or will I be able to arrange the money". The boy in his thoughts was having flashbacks of his discussions with many of his friends and how they described why it was important to continue their career abroad and how they planned to return in few years.

All of a sudden he realized that one of his classmate was yelling to accompany him to the canteen as he did daily to grab some thing to drink. Today the boy did not want to go and instead preferred the solitude of his thoughts. He looked out the window and out of the bars he saw the shinning rays of sun falling over the grass and the warm summer wind made the grass flutter, he continued to stare out until what he was looking at went out of focus teleporting his mind and once again his thoughts gained complete access of his conscious. His thoughts started to speed up the pace now, he remembered his first day at school, only glimpses of his school life, his friends, people whom he can never forget, moments which can never be erased and above all his journey from a time when he would not have been able to join a primary school at all to this moment where he is just days away from earning the first professional degree. Tears were too cooperative to not show up in the wrong place but tears would have been a perfect way to let out the emotional dilemmas which he felt were tearing his soul apart from inside.

His will was getting stronger by the though and he would have bet whatever he had on the fact that there was nothing in this world which will make him take the decision of leaving his city.He knew the though were for a reason, he knew that dreams and opportunities had no boundaries, he definitely knew success wasn't only vested in the west. "I will not leave my city" he said that as he punched the desk in front of him and was taken by surprise, the sound the desk made was not of his fist hitting the wood but instead sounded like a bell ringing in heavy wind at a distant. He started hitting the desk again and again and the bell started ringing must faster and louder, he looked around puzzled as the broad daylight was gone and the room was empty with just darkness and no one around and this time the sound of bells grew loud enough to shatter his ears and he held his hands tight across his ears to stop the sound but it would not give up. He wanted to stand up and run but was no match to the force keeping him bonded to the bench, he wanted to shout but no voice would come out. The rings of the bell was the only thing his conscious and subconscious mind was filled with and suddenly a chill ran down his spine and out of the darkness a light came and fell on his eyes. The light was reflecting from a tiny piece of plastic which was making this sound, his body suddenly felt being unhooked of the binding force of the bench and it only took split second of time for him to realize and hit the snooze on his phone to stop the ringing of his bell.

On the way to his office which was miles away apart from the window near which he dreamed years ago he had the most nostalgic sickness he had in a long time and only question which kept reverberating in his mind was what did he lose that he had years back sitting near that window....was it the ability to dream ? or the dream itself ?.


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