Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Who Controls Who !!

“Am sorry sir, but the system won’t allow me to do the changes”, “I want to help you but believe me, I can’t”, “I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience but the system is not accepting any changes”. Now how many times have we come across statement similar to this in our life ?, well don’t bother to answer as everyone reading this know that we all have to listen to these sentences at some points in life. Very few times does listening to these sentences bother someone so much as compared to agony which lies in the ridicule of the situations where these excuses/protocols/reasons are used.

There is no doubt that man had always wished to ease his life with every invention he made but often forgot about the strings attached or how in the future people will let themselves be operated by the things which were designed to be operated by them. While it has to be noted that the rules were put in place so that things would be more organized and easily managed but it finally falls solely on path of the people carrying out these rules whether these rules will comfort or discomfort the followers. Schools, Offices, Organizations, Unions, Clubs and the list continue, everywhere we go we have a set of rules to be followed. I imagine the disappointment of a person who may reach a bit late pay his fee which may result in dropping out of classes but at the same time I can also imagine the liberty people would take in arriving late and demanding there payments to be accepted if even one of them is helped to do a favor. The fault lies on the both sides and the falters lie on the both sides but what’s disappointing is that somewhere in that cluster is a person who might have sincerely arrived an hour late due to a genuine reason and unfortunate enough for him, he was born in a wrong world. Those are the persons I feel who become the victim of a system, a system which does not care if you were late because you were helping someone on your way, a system which does not care if you literally saved a person’s life on way, all that the system cares about are the ticks of the clock and dates on a calendar.

I remember not long ago during my Junior College I came across a story titled “All about a Dog” by A.G Gardiner and when I first listened to it I wonder what kind of a person would be so strict with rules and now after few years, I got my answer. As Gardiner quotes in their “Rules are necessary things, but there are rules and rules………. You have kept the rule but broken its spirit”. Spirit is the exact thing lacking in the people who implement these rules. As a programmer I might exactly know what they mean when they say that system wouldn’t allow them to make changes, we program that shit off course we know what it can and cannot. But the point here is not what the system can do or cannot, but we as human beings who run without any cables attached are capable of overcoming that system or not.

The speed at which we are becoming totally machine dependent is not a un known fact but what is definitely unknown is whether we will ever be able to operate our life normally if all these machines would fail or disallows us from living how we want to live? The answer to this can only be treated as a speculation but when the time comes am sure that the man will be able to reinvent the wheel.


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